Killing The Rats


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My name Shamonni Galore, I be drippin’ Dior, I be all in the sack (Yeah)
He droppin’ the racks (Oh), I’m tossin’ it back (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
She callin’ me Yak, yeah, baby, do it like that, I like when it snatch (Yeah)
I’m smokin’ the roach and killin’ the rats (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Smokin’ the roach and I’m killin’ the rats
When I’m back in the jects I be flippin’ the pack (Yeah)
Smokin’ the roach (Yeah), and killin’ the rats (Ayy, ayy)
Everything I got, I took, and if I owed ya, bitch, I paid ya back (Ayy)
Her face in my lap, I’m grippin’ the strap

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